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Everything we offer is designed to help you become a better leader.

Never Stop Learning!

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The Process of Becoming

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Every time a change occurs in your life, such as a gain or a loss, a change in the workplace, or a change in relationships, the process of becoming is either initiated or heightened in your life.

Thank you for the timely kingdom wisdom shared on Becoming, it explained exactly what I was sending in my spirit. The timing was perfect and confirmed what God is doing in the marketplace I labor in.


Seer Brand Management hits the mark with their training and publications.  All believers should attend the trainings offered by Seer Brand Mgmt. to be better equipped to sense what God is doing in their marketplace (place of work) and not lean into the worlds understanding.


You will walk away enlightened, informed and armed.

                                   Bonnie B.

As a leader in the marketplace, one of my biggest challenges is learning how to continue being an effective leader, while managing adults with many personalities.



The workshop not only certifies leaders focusing on 6 major competencies, but creates a setting with like-minds, open discussion, fun and engaging team-building activities, guided by Biblical principles, and offers resource materials!


The Front Line Leaders workshop will have you walking away motivated to agree & partner with God, apply, change and be an influential leader rather in the market place or Ministry!!


I must include a highlight for me stated by the facilitator that pierced my ears! Effective leaders “Coach for ignorance, write-up for rebellion.”

                                      Morgan P.

The Evangelist Core Learning Plan was informative, easy to follow, and worth the investment.


I appreciated the section on the different types of Evangelistic styles through it, I was able to see that I had been evangelizing and didn't know it.

The portion on how each five-fold ministry office collaborates with one another was great as well. 


I loved the review of the Bridge method!

                            Shannon B.

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